Universal 81C - The Universal Solution Made in India

As highly effective cleaning media, non-halogenated hydrocarbons allow safe and economical use of solvents for removing oils, greases, emulsions and swarf between or after manufacturing processes. On account of its many different process alternatives using hot and / or cold immersion with downline vapor degreasing, the sophisticated technology of the Universal 81C cleaning system is ideal for meeting the requirements expected of modern manufacturing processes with regard to quality and functionality.

Even greater flexibility is offered by the Universal 81P, which uses polar and partially polar solvents. Removal of large quantities of oil or swarf from mass produced parts or particles of dirt with a defined size in fine cleaning can be achieved by selecting the appropriate filtering system and other application-dependent optional extras.

Equipment features

  • Cleaning and drying process in a closed work chamber
  • 2 stage immersion and spray cleaning
  • Closed loop filtration with high power injection flood washing
  • Double filtration of solvent during filling and emptying
  • Bag & candle filtration for best cleaning results
  • Online vacuum distillation for optimum solvent treatment
  • Heat recovery – low energy consumption
  • Automatic work chamber door locking
  • Continuous oil removal possible
  • Automatic loading of basket possible
  • Multiple levels of safety systems
  • Rotation and swivel movements of the parts baskets
  • Siemens S7 PLC control
  • Advanced Interactive HMI
  • Optimum maintenance acces


  • Injection flood washing
  • Spraying
  • Ultrasonic cleaning possible
  • Vapour degreasing
  • Intermediate drying
  • Vacuum drying for 100% parts

Universal 81C