Our Products Made In India

Ecoclean in Pune offers many products Made in India that are specially adapted to the local market needs. In addition to the products, local sales, service and spare parts departments, Ecoclean India also has a state-of-the-art Test Center and Showroom in Pune. The Test Center is equipped with different machines capable of performing tests with aqueous or solvent cleaning media for various cleaning processes. 


The local manufacturer works in partnership with the SBS Ecoclean Group's Center of Competence in Germany, which guarantees the local market access to key-technologies with German features. The Center of Competence in Germany offer technical and operative support for the core business through research, development and innovation. Given that, Ecoclean India can provide its customers with imported machines from Germany or with German features Made in India. 


Just like the other 10 SBS Ecoclean Group' subsidiaries, Ecoclean in Pune is focused on representing the Group as a direct contact to suppliers in the region, providing advice throughout its very skilled local team, with in-depth knowledge of the Indian industrial cleaning requirements. 


Some standard trademark component cleaning machines of Ecoclean:

Universal 81W - The Universal "Water-based" Solution

The Universal 81W cleaning system is a low-cost, highly efficient component cleaning machine / system which, owing to its modular design, can be used ...

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EcoCcore – A new dimension in solvent-based cleaning

Rising demands for the quality of parts require increasingly complex solutions from industrial parts cleaning processes. With the EcoCcore a solvent cleaning machine perfectly tailored ...

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Universal 81C - The Universal "Solvent-based" Solution

As highly effective cleaning media, non-halogenated hydrocarbons allow safe and economical use of solvents for removing oils, greases, emulsions and swarf ...

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Minio 85C/P – The solvent cleaning for minial space

The compact solution that takes up minimal space. Being highly powerful cleaning media non-halogenated hydro-carbons allow safe and economical use of solvents ...

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EcoCmini - The Compact Solution Made in India

The EcoCmini cleaning system is a low-cost, highly efficient system which, owing to its modular design, can be used for a very wide range of applications ...

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EcoCwave – The all-round talent for aqueous parts cleaning

The EcoCwave is a powerful spray flood cleaning system with a vacuum-tight work chamber. At the user’s option, it can be equipped for ...

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The Benefits

  • Comprehensive quality assurance for high machine reliability and performance
  • Short run-up time
  • Installation, commissioning and on-site training by Ecoclean service team
  • Extensive range of maintenance and support services for Ecoclean machines
  • Active support of the service team: from initial advice through order processing to delivery and commissioning
  • User-friendly: User-friendly front-loading system and operator panel
  • Effective: Be it preliminary, intermediate or final cleaning, the Ecoclean systems fits seamlessly into existing production lines